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"Abrix the robot" puzzle game is available for Windows!

Buy now in FastSpring store! Limited time offer: 6.54$ (9.90$)

Buyers will also receive a gift: Steam key for Ferrum's secrets game worth 7.99$ !!

You want to try before you buy? Download a free demo Abrix the robot 1.2 Demo

During the cleanup work Abrix robot got stuck in a room full of containers, crates and other objects. Help him find a way out of the room. Abrix the robot is an addictive puzzle game for everyone. Travelling on over 70 different rooms run into various obstacles whose removal will require uprise the head.

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"Ferrum's secrets: where is grandpa?" released on Steam store!

BUY NOW 7.99$

Ferrum city was enveloped by a thick fog. Prominent citizens and scientists disappeared and among them well known inventor working on a number of inventions in the field of electricity. Shortly after his disappearance his granddaughter comes to his house. She must face the mystery and discover what happened to her grandpa. Will she manage to save him?
"Ferrum's secrets: Where is grandpa?" is exciting hidden-object adventure game.

Game features:

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